Display Information with a XTemplate

In this tutorial we will see how to use the XTemplate to handle in a simple way the view of our components. Continuing with our app that we have been »

Adding Buttons, Textfields and Sliders

We will continue working on the project that we started, in this tutorial we will add buttons and the slider to our app. This tutorial is part of a series »

Using the HBox Layout

We have been building an app step by step from the very begining, the idea is to deploy this app in a real iPad using phonegap. In this tutorial we »

Defining the main view

In the previous tutorials we created the main structure of our project, now we will create the main viewport where we will only define the layout that we use. The »

Generating the Initial Structure

On this tutorial we will start our application. We will be using the MVC pattern to build our app. This will allow us to create code that is easy to »