Generating the Initial Structure

On this tutorial we will start our application. We will be using the MVC pattern to build our app. This will allow us to create code that is easy to »

Installing Dependencies

To develop apps using Sencha Touch we must first install some additional tools that will help us develop in a more simple way. First, we need to have installed some »

Your first Sencha Touch app

Have you ever wanted to start developing applications for mobile devices? Tired of using HTML5 libraries that simply do not provide the native Look and Feel you want? Sencha Touch »

Loading classes dynamically with ExtJS4

Ext JS 4 introduces a simple way to load classes on demand, this will allow us to optimize the initial load of our application and only load the modules when »

Naming conventions

Ext JS 4 introduces a file upload system on demand, something that was sorely missing in previous versions, if you need to use this new class loading system there are »